Register Now for MCA AGM

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Lethbridge Mennonite
March 16-17
Friday night:  7:30 pm
“Can your Church be Born Anew?”
John 3:1-8.

Saturday morning:  10:40 am
“What will your Born Anew Church look like?”
Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 4:23-25

Saturday afternoon:  1:15 pm
“What will be the results of being Born Anew?”
2 Corinthians 5:16-18 and John 14:12

Billeting deadline: March 1
Registration deadline: Mar 11

Cost is $50. Due at registration.


  • Your voice is important!
  • Influence MC Canada agenda by attending the MCA AGM. 
  • Meet our multi-ethnic Mennonite Church Alberta community.
  • Important changes to discuss: International Witness funding, Finances,  & CMU ownership.
  • Discover our International Witness Workers & our Indigenous-Settler Relations ministry.

Be a Delegate
For each 15 members, you church can send 1 delegate.  Each delegate is permitted to carry one proxy vote. Contact your church office.

The Case of the Missing Dessert!

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The Case of the Missing Dessert!
a Camp Valaqua Fundraiser in Edmonton

When: Saturday, March 10th at 5:30pm
Where: First Mennonite Church
What: Join us for a supper mystery event and fundraiser for Camp Valaqua
Who: Everyone is invited (free will offering)
RSVP: by March 7th

Our camp cook was hard at work to provide the most decadent dessert for our camp banquet, but someone has come and stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Help us solve this mystery and have some fun along the way! 

Sr High Snow Camp Cancelled

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Sr High Snow Camp Cancelled

After a lot of soul searching and looking at things from every angle we could think of, the Youth Leadership Team and Camp Valaqua have come to the conclusion that we will need to cancel Sr High Snowcamp for 2018 due to low registration. We are sad to announce this, but hope to have a Sr High Youth program to announce in the coming months. All monies paid through the online registration system will be refunded this afternoon.  

Chin National Day - 70 years

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Chin National Day 70 years
by Peter Zar Zo Sang
Photos by Brenda Tiessen-Wiens & 
Peter Zar Zo Sang

We, the Calgary Chin Community, strongly believe that maintaining our culture and traditions is not only a duty to our children and ourselves, but also honors the heritage of our grandparents who loved our homeland. 
The 70th Chin National Day celebration was successfully organized on February 17, 2018 in the Marlborough Community Hall. In the celebration, we have several cultural dances, speeches, short sermon, solo, group songs, talent shows, and musical concert. In 2016 the Chin National Day celebration, the Calgary Mayor, Nenshi joined us the celebration
celebration on last year. This year, we invited the Calgary Police Chief Roger as a Guest of Honor, but unfortunately, he couldn’t attend the celebrati
 and also Jason Kenney, Canadian Politician joined us the 
on. We are most welcome anyone from MCA to join us the celebration and we’ll be sending the invitation in the next 

Facts about Chin People and Chin National Day
Chin people come from the Chin state, one of 14 states in the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Due to God’s guidance and blessings, many Chin people have now settled in Calgary over the last 15 years. Some of our children have been born here and are now Canadians. 

1895 - The greater part of the (then) independent Chinland was annexed by Britain following offensive military attacks, however, the entire land fell under the total control of the British only in the early 20th century. 

1933 - The Chin National Union (CNU) was formed and demanded an independent
Chinland from the British-Burma government. 

1947 - The historic Panglong Agreement was signed, forming a federal union with equal rights, privileges and status for various ethnic regions. 

1948 - The Union of Burma gained independence from Britain on January 4, 1948. 

1948 - Over five thousand Chin held an unprecedented gathering and proclaimed their unity and determination to be free from the traditional feudal administrative system, and adopted a democratic system of governance on February 20, 1948; this date was later adopted as Chin National Day. Thus, we Chin people celebrate the day, 20th February, to mark the
transition from traditional to democratic rule i
n Chinland, to appreciate the scarifies made by our forefathers, and to show younger generations that we exist as a proud nation in this world. 

The Chin people live primarily in Chin State, but also inhabit areas of the Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh, and in several states of India. This is the result of the British colonial power’s divide and rule policy. Over 90 per cent of Chin people are Christians and thus the Chin are a minority ethnically and religiously in the predominantly Buddhist country of Burma, where religious minorities are discriminated politically, socially and economically. From 1988, when the military took power, to the present day, the Chin have been heavily abused by the Burmese Army. These abuses include extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrest, detention, torture, forced labor, religious repression, restrictions on movement, forced military training and conscription, and sexual harassment and violence. As a result, tens of thousands of Chin have left their homeland and taken refuge in neighboring countries. It is estimated that at least 60,000 Chin refugees are living in India while more than 20,000 are living in Malaysia. Several thousands more are scattered in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Chin refugees started arriving in Canada in the late 1990s. It is estimated that there are now about 2000 Chin living in Canada. The majority are refugees sponsored through the Canadian government’s Refugee Sponsorship Program. There are about 300 Chin people living in Calgary. The majority moved here from other Canadian provinces to pursue a better future. The first Chin refugee family arrived in Calgary in the summer of 2002 from India. The most recent family arrived in December 2014. Chin are peaceful, law-abiding and hardworking people in nature. As new immigrants, we are still learning the language and the system and are adjusting to fitting into the mainstream culture though it might take some time because we came from a “totally different world.”

Calgary-Area Women Special Event

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Calgary-Area Women Special Event
Sunday March 11, 2018 at 2:30
Ambrose University
Along the Road to Freedom 

By Winnipeg artist, Ray Dirks, the art exhibit is a tribute Mennonite women of courage and faith who made the difficult journey from Soviet Union to Canada and Paraguay. 

Tickets are $20, which includes a light lunch and an opportunity to share some "Grandma Stories" or ones from your personal journey.

Reservations are required. RSVP online
or to Kate Janzen
by Wednesday, March 7.
Payment due at event.

Monks of Algeria: a two-part Christian-Muslim encounter

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You are invited to Lendrum MB Church for a special two-part regarding the power of Christian-Muslim interfaith encounter.  Dr. David Goa will facilitate both sessions in which we will be
learning about the experiences of the monks of Algeria during the Civil War in the 1990's.   

Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. at Lendrum - 11210-59 Avenue.  
All are welcome!

On February 20, we will be watching the 2 hour award-winning French movie (with English subtitles), Of Gods and Men (trailer), which focuses on the discernment process to stay in spite of imminent danger.  

YouTube Video

On February 27 we will focus on the book, Christian de Chergé: A Theology of Hope, which is about the leader of the Algerian monastery, portrayed in the movie. 

Colombia Youth Convention

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Mennonite Church Canada partners with the Iglesia Menonita de Colombia by contributing finances to numerous programs of which youth ministry is one. 

About 90 youth participated in the National Youth Camp held in Cachipay, Colombia at the beginning of January. Youth from every region of the Mennonite Church in Colombia (Iglesia Menonita de Colombia) took part in the weekend event.

Four different Colombian young adults and Yalilie Caballero, the president of Colombia Mennonite Church, provided engaging input for youth on the theme of “Walking with Jesus” based on the Road to Emmaus story in Luke 24. Youth were very receptive to these topics and seemed motivated to go back into their local communities and share what they learned in their home churches. Along with times of worship, teaching and small group discussion, fun times of fellowship and community building were also had including a challenge course, capture the flag, crafts and board games (Dutch Blitz is a huge hit!), a campfire with marshmallows, and a talent show— “Meno-night.” 

Register for Snowcamp Grades 10-12

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Sr High Snowcamp (grades 10-12)

February 23-25. 
More details & downloads here.

MCEC Releases Hakha-Chin Translation of the Confession of Faith

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February 14, 2018




To Read It In Their Own Language

MCEC Releases Hakha-Chin Translation of the Confession of Faith


Kitchener, ON  - "It's my dream and vision that all Burmese people will have an understanding of these teachings," said Pastor Jehu Lianching at the release of the Hakha-Chin translation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective. "Today we celebrate the release of the Hakha-Chin translation, and in a few years we will celebrate the Burmese translation in Myanmar!" "And you're all invited!" quipped Brian Bauman, MCEC Mission Minister.


MCEC is pleased to announce the release of the Hakha-Chin translation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective. Forty-five MCEC pastors and congregational leaders, staff from various Anabaptist organizations, MCEC executive and mission councils, and many members of the Chin Christian Church gathered at 50 Kent in Kitchener, ON to celebrate this important release. Over the past year, Cung Lian Bik and Pastor Jehu Lianching have spent countless hours carefully translating and editing this confession into Hakha-Chin. "The confession of faith has been translated into many languages," said Cung Lian Bik. "It was time for my people to read it in their own language." Working with Christian Snyder of Pandora Press Publishing, the books are now printed and ready for distribution to Chin congregations and people across the world.

Brian Bauman invited those gathered to a time of prayer of blessing "Chin-style." He explained that the first time he experienced this type of prayer it shocked him. He invited the group to stand and instructed them to all pray aloud at the same time. The prayer ebbed and flowed in English, Hakha-Chin, Lao, Hmong, Amharic and Mara-Chin until it quietly finished.


There are many dialects of Chin; the Hakha-Chin language originates from the capital city of Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar. There are approximately 500 Hakha-Chin people in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, 170 who are part of the Chin Christian Church.


"There are Chin leaders who want to see this book in the traditional homeland of their people in Myanmar and India. They will also deliver it to the Chin diaspora in Canada, USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia," said Brian Bauman. "They believe it is of utmost importance that the Chin people know what Mennonites in Canada believe. Chin Mennonite leaders are not the "quiet in the land" when it comes to their appreciation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective."


For more information about the Hakha-Chin translation of the confession of faith, please contact Brian Bauman at<> or 855-476-2500 x 705.


- 30 -


For more information:

Brian Bauman, MCEC Mission Minister<> 226-476-2500 (Local), 855-476-2500 (Toll Free) x 705



   *   Hakha-Chin Translation Release Event - February 13, 2018

(From left to right) From the Chin Christian Church in Kitchener, ON: Ma Bawi, Pastor Jehu Lianching, Thawng Tha Lian, Pastor Joseph Raltong, Thawng Hlei Thang, Cung Lian Bik. Sui Hlei Zing

  *   Translation Team: Pastor Jehu Lianching and Cung Lian Bik

  *   MCEC logo

Trivia Night Winners Announced

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The 1st Annual Trivia Night, Camp Valaqua Fundraiser, has crowned its first winner.  First Mennonite Calgary & Friends, team Mächman, bring home the trophy this year.  That's a lot of "First"s. Drug tests have not been received yet, but no issues are expected. 

It was a tight race ending with a four-way tie in regulation play. However, the Mächman pulled ahead by one point in the lightening round, defeating HeidPauls of Bergthal, Team Work Buddies, and the Spicy Burritos. Their prizes included  pillowcases and a questionable trophy. 

Kevin Stoez, the night's coordinator, was please with the turn out noting, "The long standing attendance record was broken tonight. I didn't even have to count." He is looking forward to next year, but wasn't sure if  "next year" is in the plan. 

Final fundraising numbers have not be received, but it is estimated to be just over $3000. Thank you to all who participated.  See you all next year at the 2nd Annual Trivia Night, if there is one. 

Picture includes (from left or right, in no particular order): Madison, Austin, Cole, Henry, Mackezie, Ed, and Nick

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