Two Faiths Dialogue - Live streamed

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Opening dialogue Live Streamed Wednesday, Oct 25, 8pm
Pastor Doug Klassen and Dr. Mohammad Shomali's presentation on The concept of self sacrifice for faith communities as embodied by Imam Husein(PBH) and Prophet Jesus(PBH)  

Live streamed from the ISIA mosque in Edmonton ,Wednesday, October 25, beginning 8 pm 

 Or attend event at Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Associaton (ISIA) 4307 33 Ave NW, Edmonton,  AB T6L 4H7

                        Free Registration:    Contact  Mahmood Mavani --- 

Sharing the light of Jesus in a multifaith world

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an excerpt
by Donna Kampen Entz 
Originally published in Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology 18:2 (Fall 2017) by AMBS

I am the light of the world “I am the light of the world!” Jesus proclaimed (John 8:
12; 9:5). Light? What did he mean? His hearers would have recognized the reference to the Prophets’ writings found in their scriptures (our Old Testament). In the Old Testament, salvation and light mean much the same thing: the offer of complete well-being, as intended by the Creator. Light is the antitheses of darkness, disorder, and chaos, and salvation is the antithesis of oppression, exploitation, and despair.1 God says, “It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel; I will give you as a light of the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth” (Isa. 49:6, NRSV). 
Donna Entz

In the New Testament, Simeon blesses Jesus, the infant messiah, as he is being presented in the temple. Simeon prays, “My eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel” (Luke 2:30–32). This servant/messiah is for the Gentiles and for Israel—for everybody, including our neighbours of various faiths. 
So how did Jesus go about being the light in the diverse world of first-century Palestine? The Gospels tell us that he healed the sick, whether their ailments were physical or spiritual. Jesus literally brought people back to life; he raised the dead. He confronted corruption in the politico-religious establishment and spoke out against religious fanaticism. He called people back to the spirit of their faith. He told parables using images familiar to common folks, and the heroes of his stories were often people at the margins. He taught his followers how to live according to upside-down kingdom values that stretched them to think and act outside the expectations of the status quo. He engaged seekers and kept them scrambling to catch what he was saying. He even earned a reputation as one who partied, who associated with tax collectors, sinners, publicans, and prostitutes. 

What is the common thread in the various ways Jesus related to people? Interestingly, he didn’t tell everyone about the kingdom of God. Nor did he reveal his identity and purpose to most people. To me, it seems that the constant in everything Jesus did was that what he offered was life-giving in some way. As Jesus’s followers, everything we do should share his life-giving light with others.

For the complete article, please see attached file. 

  1 Walter Brueggemann, Isaiah 40–66, Westminster Bible Companion (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1998).

Donna Entz

Donna currently serves North Edmonton Ministries, a ministry of Mennonite Church Alberta. She and her husband, Loren, formed the ministry seven years ago after returning from 30 years of service in Burkina Faso. Donna Entz relates to immigrants and refugees. The ministry's vision is to share the whole gospel with people in North Edmonton with the hope of starting a community of faith who are passionate about social justice and about following Jesus. 

Future Directions: Covenant New

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Delegates to the 2017 Special Assembly in Winnipeg charted a new course for Mennonite Church Canada with a 94% approval of the Covenant New restructuring proposal. The new structure revisions MC Canada as the covenant partnership created by the five nationwide Regional Churches. Working together, Regional Churches have been mandated to foster the health and vitality of local congregations, who are engaged in mission in their immediate neighbourhoods and around the world. While delegates celebrated a structure that has served them well in the past and grieved its passing, they also embraced the vision of a vibrant, nationwide Mennonite Church that is actively engaging our world with the peace of Jesus Christ. To learn more, visit

MC Canada in the News

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News Article by Mennonite Church USA.

New Life After 80

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Lydia Crutwell of First United Mennonite Church in Vancouver, shares about the sobering reality of an 80 year old, dying church and about their attempts to fan the flame. 

YouTube Video

A Bar Roof Raising

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Enjoy the video of Margaret Peters, who shares a story of how the churches and community came together to help a widow in need by sponsoring a Bar Roof Raising. What unlikely places have your found Jesus? 

YouTube Video

Call to Prayer for Special Assembly

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Pray for the Future Directions: Covenant New nationwide restructuring process. We invite your prayers for Calvin Quan as he moderates the Special Assembly, for others who are providing Assembly leadership or support and for delegates who participate. The special Assembly is an important juncture in our life together as a denomination. It will shape how we engage together in our common mission. Pray for the Assembly participants as they discern the wisdom of the Spirit, as we seek to align our church structures with how God is at work among us and in the wider world.

Two Friends Two Faiths

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Oct 25-30, 2017 
A Series of Diverse Discussions with Two Religious Scholars 
Dr. Muhammad Ali Shomali of UK 
Dr. Harry Huebner of Winnipeg

Tribute for Dan Jack By Tim Wiebe-Neufeld

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As Area Church Minister it is my privilege to share a few words on behalf of the Mennonite Church Alberta family.  The news that our Moderator Dan Jack had passed away was met with shock and sorrow.  Knowing that many within our church community would have reflections and prayers they might wish to pass on, I invited churches, pastors, and MCA committee members to contribute to my sharing. The words I share reflect sentiments included in the multitude of response, providing a snapshot of the many thoughts and feelings. 

Dan Jack

                Along with the various offerings of condolences to Marguerite, the rest of Dan’s family, and to First Mennonite Church here in Calgary, there was a common deep lament for having lost such a special leader and resource for the ministry of the wider Mennonite church.  Although he had been Moderator for only a year and a half, Dan had already made a significant impact on the people who served the church with him.  In peoples’ comments adjectives like gentle, thoughtful, positive, and joyful stood alongside words like visionary, attentive, Spirit-led, and wise. Dan was an accessible leader, with a way of relating that expressed care and inclusion.  He wouldn’t dominate a conversation, but engaged deeply, responding with incite, knowledge, and passion.

                I get the impression that “passion” is a good word to describe Dan’s involvement with whatever he became involved in.  He certainly brought zeal and excitement to his involvement with the church.  Shortly before a recent General Council meeting, Camp Valaqua learned that the land next to the camp was for sale. By the time we met a few days later, Dan had already spoken to numerous people, talked to a realtor, and called the county office to check about zoning issues. 

Although he did not grow up in the Mennonite faith, Dan embraced it with enthusiasm.  He took a keen interest in Mennonite history, developing knowledge of events and details of Alberta’s Mennonite churches and people.  His observations of the past helped guide his response to challenges of the present.  We’d be sitting around the table at a General Council Meeting, grappling with some issue or other, and Dan would offer some story or happening that would reveal some thought or guidance for how to respond.  

                Dan’s passion for the church was lived out in the present, demonstrated through commitment and love for the church family, both here in Dan’s home congregation and in the larger church beyond.  You could see this in his approach to meetings and decision-making, through participation in MCA programs and MCC sales, and in one-on-one conversations.  At the end of June, Dan and Marguerite travelled to Pincher Creek to take part in Springridge’s Sunday School picnic service, a visit that was deeply appreciated for it’s personal touch.

                Dan’s passion for the church was also expressed in excitement and vision for the future.  He had a profound sense of the challenges facing the church in today’s world, and eager to live into new ways of being church together.  I value the opportunity I had to serve with Dan as we considered new structures for the Mennonite church and what would be important from an Alberta perspective.  We attended several national meetings together, engaging in conversations to enhance covenantal relationships and congregational ministries.  His commitment and optimism for the future was inspiring. It is a faith witness I will always cherish.

As I reflect on Dan’s enthusiasm and commitment to the church, I am reminded of these words from Philippians 4:8: “Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  May it be so, Amen.


Live Stream Assembly

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Mennonite Church Canada’s Special Assembly, 2017, Oct. 13-15, is upon us. 
 Live Stream Start Times are Manitoba time, and may vary slightly: 
Friday6:30 pm; Sat: 8:30 am; Sun: 9 am

Have questions during assembly? Email

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