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2019 Annual Report

posted 23 Jan 2020, 09:43 by June Miller, MCA Communications

n our northern climate, the changing of the seasons is a natural part of life. The season of waiting for “God with us” is followed by
 an exploration of Jesus’ manifestation and purpose, drawing us to a deeper sense of our own calling. The nudges and urges that arise in this season of new beginnings invite us to live out our call together with others, in community. “Community” is what MCA is about!

In community, our twelve congregations build a foundation for their identity and find a place of belonging. We draw on each other’s strengths and gifts to explore faith, pray, celebrate and mourn, become enlivened, practice generosity, and share resources. Community is a place to receive and to give. It’s a place to ask the question, “And who is my neighbour?” and then explore the nature and breadth of our neighbourhoods. The richness and fellowship that we experience as members of a regional, nationwide, and global church is a taste of the Kingdom of God.

Staff & Ministries

No where are seasons more evident than at Camp Valaqua! Jon Olfert (Director) and Jeff Schellenberg (Manager) provide year-round leadership to Camp, which invited over 2000 people for exploration, renewal, peace, and inspiration in 2019. Camp provides service and leadership opportunities for a wide range of people. Children of all ages plug into God's creation and develop life-long connections with one another.

hrough her work with North Edmonton Ministries (NEM), Donna Entz (Mission Worker) provides opportunities to engage with people from a variety of faith backgrounds. NEM is about building: building relationships, building community, and building bridges of understanding. Dialogues, English classes, book clubs, gardening and countless cups of tea provide places of centring, belonging and exploration. We celebrated with Donna this year as she was honoured with Canadian Mennonite University’s Distinguished Alumni Award!

Much of our administrative team's work is behind the scenes to support congregations and to bridge our local, nationwide and global ministries. In 2019, Tim Wiebe-Neufeld (Executive Minister) worked with congregations in support of church leadership, including the credentialing of ministry leaders, walking alongside during times of pastoral transition, and providing resources and guidance during challenges that come with living in community. Tim also liaises with the many ministry arms of the Mennonite Church and works together with the Executive Staff Group (ESG) to shape the work and vision of MC Canada.

MCA congregations have expressed a desire to connect more deeply with one another. We do this when we share about God’s presence and leading. You can find MCA, nationwide and international stories by subscribing to The MCA Communiqué ( June Miller (Communications) works at these connections and is involved in the roll-out of new websites for MC Canada, Regional Churches and participating congregations, rolling out early February 2020.

The third member of our administrative team is Tany Warkentin (Treasurer). While Tany’s tasks largely centre around keeping track of numerical details, her broad perspective provides a bridge between MCA staff, committees and programs, and also keeps us connected in our relationships and commitments with the nationwide church.



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June Miller, MCA Communications,
23 Jan 2020, 09:43