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A Menno Minute with Tany Warkentin

posted 19 Nov 2019, 10:56 by June Miller, MCA Communications

A Menno Minute

by Tany Warkentin, MCA Treasurer and Pastoral Leader for Springridge Mennonite Church in Pincher Creek.

Deeper Talk
How many times have you asked someone about their relationship with God, in the past week? In the past month?

Since our latest MCA Vision 20/20 meetings, this question has been on my mind. Our Alberta churches are invited to step into a year of personal renewal, deepening our faith through prayer and other spiritual practices. At those recent meetings, my discussion group talked about our need to talk more openly about our faith and prayer life. In my life, I am thankful for certain routines such as daily family devotions that draw my children and I into these types of conversations. Talking about faith with others inspires and encourages me in my own relationship with God, and is also important in nurturing faith in our young people. It opens up opportunities to ask questions and allows God to speak to us through the wisdom and insight of those around us. So then why doesn’t faith come up more often in conversations at family gatherings, in chatting with friends or around the potluck table at church?

Talking about faith is not easy for many of us. It means jumping into conversations beyond the safe topics of sports, weather, or the latest story on CBC radio. It takes a lot of courage to step outside our comfort zones to ask someone about their prayer life, or how they have felt God’s spirit in the past week. It leaves us feeling vulnerable when we share our own doubts and struggles in our faith journey.

As I commit to deepening my personal faith practices in this coming year, I commit to being braver in my conversations. Let’s engage in deeper talk around our tables and see how this can, in turn, deepen our faith.