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A Theology of Hope: Book Review

posted 21 Mar 2018, 22:50 by June Miller, MCA Communications
North Edmonton Ministry

Donna Entz has begun a two-part series reviewing Christian de Cherge: A Theology of Hope, by Christian Salenson, a book written about the life and writings of a monk who lived in Algeria during the civil war and who wrote inspiringly about inter-religious dialogue. His reflections grew out of the context of living as a monk in a Muslim village. A significant impact on his life was when a Muslim friend protected him, and as a result was killed himself. 

"Inter-religious Dialogue is [more than] affirming certain ethical convergences concerning justice or respect for life. If we reduce inter-religious dialogue to Jewish-Christian dialogue, we would turn our back on a promise made to both Jews and Christians, and, frankly, we would distort the very relationship between Jews and Christians, for we sit together only by virtue of a relationship with other, with “the Nations.”  Jewish-Christian dialogue is validated by its capacity to consider religions and to enter into relationship with them." (p 9)