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A Tour of Israel/Palestine

posted 30 Jan 2019, 20:02 by June Miller, MCA Communications

A Tour of Israel/Palestine: A Holy Land for Jews, Christians, and Muslims

A CMU Study Tour

April 26–May 13, 2019

Led by Gerald Gerbrandt, PhD, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Bible

During this tour we will:

  • Visit important archeological sites and ask how they help us understand the Biblical story.
  • Visit traditional pilgrimage sites so as to stimulate reflection on our faith
  • Learn about the three major religions in the land (as well as the Samaritans and Druze, two other smaller Abrahamic faiths) through presentations and conversation with representatives of these faiths.
  • Learn about the contemporary conflict as we listen to people caught up in it.
For further information contact Gerald at, or by phone at 204.487.3300, ext. 667 or visit