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Benin Bible Institute

posted 22 Nov 2018, 13:26 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Benin Bible Institute (BBI) 

“St. Jacobs Mennonite Church, along with Wanner and Poole Mennonite congregations, welcomed our MC Canada Witness partners from Benin Bible Institute, West Africa, for a two-week visit this past October. This has been a relationship spanning over 20 years, in which we have developed a rich pattern of visiting each other, sharing prayer requests and updates on our respective ministries and learning from each other’s cultural and religious perspectives. We alternate visits on a yearly basis and this October welcomed BBI administrator Bonaventure Akowanou, his wife Clarisse, an educator, and BBI board chair Germain Dossou. Their visit provided opportunity for participation in our worship services, shared meals and rich conversations in congregants’ homes, visiting Mennonite organizations and hearing about the ongoing work and ministry of BBI.” (Sue Shantz, St. Jacobs Mennonite Church) 

For more information about BBI, please visit their website.