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Burkina Faso

posted 29 May 2018, 17:28 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Burkina Faso

We celebrate the relationships that Norm and Lillian Nicolson have been able to foster over the course of their extensive ministry in Burkina Faso. Even though relationship building is difficult to measure in terms of “success,” the Nicolson’s have modeled God’s love through their daily interactions and have been witnesses to His miraculous work in the lives of others.

map of Burkino Faso

Here is one such example of how Norm and Lillian have witnessed God at work in one of their relationships (as told by Lillian):

“As I walked into the courtyard I heard a woman screaming. I couldn’t understand the words she was saying but her tone of voice and posture communicated rage. My first memories in the village of Tin are a blur of yelling, anger and beaten, crying children. Initially, I held back from these conflicts, not understanding the language or culture and not knowing how to model a different way of communicating.

After 18 years of living and interacting with this woman, I have noticed that she has become gentler, calmer and more understanding. I realized how much she has changed when she pulled her six-year old grandson onto her lap to hold when he was sick. (Culturally, any child over two years old has been ‘weaned’ of sitting on laps or cuddling.) Now she is eagerly listening to Bible Stories and is ready to learn about Jesus and how God’s word can be applied to her life. I pray that God will send someone to continue teaching her the way of salvation.”

We invite prayers of peace and God’s grace for Lillian, Norm, Nadine and Kenneth as they transition to Canada after 20 years of ministry in Burkina Faso.