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Doing Church @ Trinity Mennonite

posted 19 Nov 2019, 11:04 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Doing Church

Trinity Mennonite "Together"
by Laura Wiebe

Trinity Mennonite Church is an active church.  We’re not a big church, but we have much to be thankful for and have members engaged in a variety of activities.  I am constantly encouraged by the faithfulness of our people.
Presently, with the leadership of our pastor, Will Loewen, we have been exploring different avenues of prayer.  When asked if he thought this was because of our own interest or because of the encouragement we received through the MCA 2020 visioning process, he replied “yes”.  That is, yes to both:  MCA sparked a joint effort in us to go deeper into this spiritual discipline, but it was also our interest as MCA participants that moved MCA to see that we desired to engage more in prayer.  However it has come about, it has stretched us and added a new dimension to the faith journey of those participating.

And it draws us together.  In fact, our focus for this year is “TOGETHER’.  We want this word to influence all we do this year.  Pastor Will has been incorporating this into his fall sermon series “Keepers” where God asks Cain, and us, “are we are brother’s keeper?”   Our theme for our retreat weekend was “together” with those present definitely feeling the togetherness.  It can be difficult to make the effort to get away for the weekend, but we are always richly rewarded by doing so.  We’ve also been asking ourselves some questions about our direction and purpose (as MCA 2020 asked us to) and feel that we can discern these answers better together.

We face many of the same challenges as other smaller churches do, yet we see many in our congregation continue to live out their faith energetically, and not always just internally.  We have people who volunteer tirelessly in organizations like food banks and community associations.  We pack MCC relief kits and help at the thrift store.  We support Mennonite Disaster Service, with people helping in Grand Forks, BC and Puerto Rico, etc.  On other fronts, we meet challenges together:  families are organizing youth events, worship leaders creatively accommodate busy schedules, Sunday morning education looks a little differently than it did 10 years ago, potlucks and coffee times continue to feed our souls, and council and committee members continue to be deeply dedicated to the work of the church!

In all this, we ask your prayers for us:  for the Holy Spirit to move in and among and through us as we are God’s church in this world and in this time.

A number of us look forward to the conclusion of MCA’s 2020 coming up at the beginning of November.  We hope to see you there and reconnect!

Laura Wiebe, on behalf of TMC