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Hippolyto and Miriam Tshimanga: Report from S Africa

posted 7 Jun 2018, 09:50 by June Miller, MCA Communications

South Africa:

Hippolyto and Miriam Tshimanga report in their recent newsletter the gratitude of Pastor James Gayiya of the Colesburg congregation. Gayiya testified in a joint worship service in May how thankful “to the Lord he was because his congregation is now busy making bricks for the construction of their house of prayer.” Pastor Gayiya continued to express his gratitude by sharing with those in attendance “about the many nights, over the years, that he had spent worrying and praying the Lord asking for the ways to build a house of prayer for his congregation. He spoke to them about the brick making press and the other tools that the concerted effort of a few Mennonite institutions, namely Mennonite Church Canada, Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM), Mennonite Mission Network (MMN), and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), had facilitated for the Grace Community church. The Pastor also spoke of the brick making phase in which the congregation is now engaged. This has been invigorated in the last three months thanks to donations made by both MMN and Mennonite Church Canada, respectively.”

Hippolyto and Miriam also invite prayer “for the Grace Community Church so that the Lord may keep her faithful in unity as she is still struggling to build herself as a Pentecostal Peace Church and a strong member of Mennonite World Conference in South Africa.”