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Interview with Cassidy Brown

posted 5 Jun 2019, 16:09 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 5 Jun 2019, 16:11 ]

Interview with Cassidy Brown - Walk for Common Ground

Day 4 of Walk for Common Ground. Interview of Cassidy Brown by Steve Heinrich, Director Indigenous Settler Relations at Mennonite Church Canada. Cassidy is along for the full 15-day walk from May 31 - June 14. Bergthal Mennonite Church in Didsbury, AB is her home congregation. She currently attends Canadian Mennonite University

Walk for a day! Attend a nightly treaty conversation!
Visit for a complete schedule or download below.

You can follow their May 31 to June 14 journey on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights Facebook page ( or by searching the hashtag #walkforcommonground  on most social media platforms.
June Miller, MCA Communications,
5 Jun 2019, 16:11