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Reflections from the Leadership Day at Gathering 2019

posted 7 Aug 2019, 22:01 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Reflections from the Leadership Day at Gathering 2019

by Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, Executive Minister/Church Leadership Minister

Even pastors need prayers. This obvious—but sometimes forgotten—reality stood out for me as I collected my share of prayer notes at the Mennonite Church Canada Leadership Day. So often pastors are called upon to pray for others. At this event pastors and church leaders were invited to share their own prayer needs. After writing prayer requests on sticky notes, participants stuck them up around the meeting area. Soon sections of wall were plastered with red, blue, and yellow notes representing joys, concerns, and personal prayer requests.

As the day moved towards conclusion, the four other Regional Church Leadership Ministers and I collected the sticky notes from the walls. We were entrusted to carry these notes with us for a time, and to prayerfully offer them to God. I ended up with dozens of notes from unnamed pastors and leaders from across the country.

I have had the opportunity to pray through the notes a few times now, and I’m always struck by their variety as well as common themes: joys for creation, church community, and reconciliation; concerns for disruptions to unity and clarity of vision; comfort for fears and anxieties. Some referred to families and personal prayer needs. One drew encouragement from the “deep well” of the faith of our ancestors. One simply read, “Peace and Hope”.

As I once again read through my stack of stickies, I feel deep appreciation for the way we as a nationwide church offer support to each other. I feel honoured to be able to offer my prayers in this way.