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Surviving & Thriving Despite Cancer

posted 22 Nov 2018, 13:23 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 4 Dec 2018, 22:25 by Ruth Bergen Braun ]

Surviving and Thriving Despite Cancer
(and other major life crisis)

Dan Epp-Tiessen,

Associate Professor of Bible
Portable CMU

February 8-10
Trinity Mennonite

Dan and his wife Esther are both double cancer survivors, and they had a son, Tim who did not survive cancer. Dan shares stories of what it is like to be a familythat “does” cancer, and he explores the biblical and faith resources that have sustained him and Esther, and helped them not only survive but thrive, despitetheir journeys with cancer, loss, and grief. Dan’s hope is that these biblical and theological resources will comfort and strengthen persons who are hurting, and will prepare others for the pain and struggle that come with the territory of being human.