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Update by Steve Heinrich

posted 21 Aug 2018, 14:49 by June Miller, MCA Communications

I was released from prison this afternoon [Sunday, August 12]. Going in, I prayed that God would use the experience to teach me more about the justice system and the lives of those who spend so much time behind bars. I learned much, and it wasn’t, at times, easy. I give thanks to the many friends and allies who supported me and my family in prayer. I give thanks to fellow inmates that showed me kindness, shared stories, talked about spiritual matters and politics, lifted weights and played 21 with me. I pray for the many brothers I met who are struggling deeply with loneliness, addictions and boredom. And above all, I hold in the light my younger brother, who speaks no English, who wept for days, who tried to kill himself this morning. Mothering God, have mercy on us. Hold us all in your embrace.