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Update from Werner and Joanne

posted 10 Oct 2018, 16:06 by June Miller, MCA Communications
October 10, 2018
Update from Werner and Joanne

Joanne is being taught how to make proper Ethiopian coffee- roasting on a little fire in her friend's home.

After a short delay due to violence in the capital city, Werner is now teaching two courses (Spiritual Formation, and Anabaptist History and Thought). The students are open and engaging even though there seems to be a wide range of English abilities. He has over 40 students in each class. 

Impressed by the social justice emphasis on the campus, Meserete Kristos College has a community development track which includes courses on peace & development, caring for the poor, and restorative justice. Werner and Joanne are currently assessing opportunities for prison visitation in the capitol, which would provide a great opportunity for the students.

Joanne is starting a weekly English tutorial & has been invited to preach at one of the student’s Mennonite church in the coming weeks.