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Christ’s Body, Living Stones: A Vision 20/20 Reflection

posted 7 Nov 2019, 10:50 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Christ’s Body, Living Stones: A Vision 20/20 Reflection

by Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, MCA Executive Minister

“Where did you get the neat stones?” I hadn’t expected this question at this past weekend’s Vision 2020 event. In my search for a symbol of our coming together as MCA, I settled on 1 Peter 2’s image of “living stones” to represent the body of Christ. I visited a local landscaper and scrounged up a bucket of small, smooth stones, each unique in shape and colour. The stones took on meaning during the Friday evening worship. As we entered the church, we each selected a stone and then brought it forward to add to a central display. Many stones were already there, symbolizing the broader MCA church family and our connection to each other in Christ.

The theme of the church as Christ’s body ran throughout the visioning event. For the past year we have been asking ourselves, “What is God calling us to be and do as we look to the year 2020 and beyond?” In light of the challenges facing the church in today’s world, we are invited on a journey of renewal as individuals, as congregations, and as members of a broader church family. Based on the engagement at our Delegate Assembly last March, the Reference Group put forward a plan to guide us on this journey. The plan focuses on “Encountering, Embracing, Embodying Christ”. Over the next three years, we will consider how we experience these three aspects in individual life, in community, and in the world. How are we growing ever more fully into being the body of Christ, alive and at work in the world? 

During the closing worship we again came forward, and took a stone from the display. As we stood in a circle around the sanctuary, we shared our “takeaways” from the event. We closed with a sending prayer, each still carrying a stone as a reminder of our time together, and our ongoing connection to each other in Christ.

Even though this was the final event in the Vision 2020 process, it marks the beginning of a new stage in our life together as MCA and as Christ’s living stones.

Photo on right: Riek Tut, Tany Warkentin, and Val Proudfoot come forward on Saturday to pick a rock as a remembrance of what God has done.
Photo left: The large purple stone has found a home on Tim’s desk as a reminder of the Vision 20/20 event.