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Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park

posted 14 Mar 2018, 21:08 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 14 Mar 2018, 21:12 ]

Please pray for Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park (Witness workers – South Korea) who have both gone through a very difficult period recently. Sook Kyoung’s father at age 89 has been suffering from acute back pain. After an MRI the doctor recommended surgery, but also warned of the high risk given her father’s age. The family decided on surgery after much deliberation and prayer. Sook Kyoung’s father thankfully made it through surgery and is now recovering.

Bock Ki was able to visit with his father-in-law in Jeju Island and then participate as one of the keynote speakers at the Good Church Academy also in Jeju. Bock Ki reports that he was “glad that there were many questions about Anabaptism, Mennonite peace position, and practical ways of peacemaking.” Upon returning home from his very positive speaking engagement, Bock Ki was shocked to hear of the sudden passing of his sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) from a stroke. At 57 years of age, she leaves behind two children and six grandchildren.

Please remember Bock Ki and Sook Kyoung in prayer as they continue to be a support to Sook Kyoung’s father recovering from surgery, and as they grieve the loss of Bock Ki’s sister-in-law.