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Ethiopia, State of Emergency

posted 21 Feb 2018, 18:39 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 21 Feb 2018, 18:39 ]

Meserete Kristos (MK) College, a ministry of Meserete Kristos Church Conference of Ethiopia, has requested prayer for safety and stability in their land.  

Kiros Teka Haddis, MK College President, writes, “We need your [praying] support for God[‘s] intervention in our country. I strongly believed that, the solution is not on the hands of the politician’s but on Him.” After the prime minister voluntarily resigned on February 16, 2018, Ethiopia has been in a State of Emergency.  “Now a days here in Ethiopia the political environment is not good. Especially, last week political unrest was seen in different parts of the country including Deber-Zeit where we are located. Due to this reason, the issue of security is becoming the major issue for everybody more than any time.”

MK College is supported by many generous members of MC Canada congregations. MK Church is the primary Anabaptist-related group in Ethiopia and the largest national conference in the world. According to Barb Draper November 2017 article in the Canadian Mennonite, MK Church has over 310,000 baptized members and over 1,000 congregations.


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