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June 19 Weekly Update

posted 20 Jun 2019, 10:56 by June Miller, MCA Communications
Gathering 2019 - In a week and a half, our nationwide MC Canada family will come together for Gathering 2019 in Abbotsford, B.C. Please pray for safe travels for the 290 people who have registered. Pray also for the Spirit to inspire us as we gather to hear each other's stories, share what the Spirit is doing in our lives and churches, and strengthen our connections with one another. And for our planners, as they wrap up final details and preparations. Stay tuned for stories and reports from your Regional Communicators and from the Canadian Mennonite.

Please continue to pray for Reuben Tut, pastor of the Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite Church. For the past two months Reuben has been in the University of Alberta Hospital due to complications arising from tuberculosis. Recently he was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Pray for his return to health, for his family, and for the church as they miss his leadership.

Please keep MCA’s Vision: 20/20 process in your prayers.
Pray for our relationship with God. Pray for our relationship with Each Other. Pray for our relationship with All the World.

Last chance for 262
Bill C-262 - the Indigenous Rights Act - is in its third reading in the Senate and must get passed before Senate rises on June 28, or it will die on the order paper. Opposition leader Andrew Scheer has stated that the Conservatives will do all that they can to prevent its passage. Please pray for those who are afraid to honour the “minimum standards” necessary for Indigenous peoples dignity and survival, because of fears as to how it will impact Canada’s resource extraction economy. Pray for courage to do right and to trust God to provide “enough” for all.

The Friedenhaus (“Peace House”) continues to promote a peaceful community within the multicultural city of Ludwigshafen, Germany, among immigrants, refugees, and Germans. This peace work is promoted through daily German language classes, weekly quilt-making, and homework help for school-aged children. Pray that all who participate in the activities and interact with the volunteers of the Friedenhaus will truly experience God’s peace.  Together with the Conference of Southwest Mennonite Churches in Germany, The Friedenhaus was established by former International Witness Workers Greg Rabus and Jennifer Otto. Greg and Jennifer currently live in Lethbridge, AB with their two sons, Alex (4) and Ian (1).

Witness workers, Tom Poovong and Dann Pantoja are currently in Alberta and Ontario connecting with their home congregations to develop a Witness Support Team (WST). Bock Ki Kim will arrive in two weeks to also forge significant connections for a WST. Pray that congregational representatives will participate on the Witness Support Team and that increased congregations will be inspired by an international connection.  


We give thanks to God along with Meserete Kristos Church and College as 48 students celebrated their graduation last month on May 18. Since 1994, 1,865 trained ministers have graduated from Meserete Kristos College. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would empower these recent graduates for faithful service in Ethiopia and beyond.