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Witness Workers Jan 30 update

posted 31 Jan 2018, 19:30 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 19:30 ]

Witness Worker Jan 30, 2018 update

Praise Report: MC Canada continues to strongly affirm and be engaged in international ministry with its witness partners. Joint Council is pleased to announce the approval of a three-year transition plan during which Witness Workers will be enabled to achieve the necessary relational funding. This plan anticipates that most current workers will return pending normal term reviews.  - Willard Metzger, Executive Director, MC Canada

Darnell & Christina Barkman (Witness workers – Philippines) share in a recent blog post; “In 3 months, we’re moving back to Canada. After 6 years in Manila, we are very excited to live near family again and we look forward to the familiarities we’ve missed. But the closer we get to this move “home” the harder it’s becoming to leave our “home” here. Manila, in all its hot, busy and dirty glory, has grown on me over the years and its beautiful people are our family. My heart hurts knowing I have to say good-bye to so many dear friends. But what hurts the most is knowing that we are taking our kids away from the only life they’ve known.”

The Barkmans have been reading Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, and have found it helpful to understand how being expat children shapes them and all its benefits and challenges. Reading a section on hidden losses, Christina was confronted with the realization that this transition will be very difficult for their children. One of many significant quotes from the book struck them: "Loss of their world. With one plane ride the whole world as TCKs (Third Culture Kids) have known it can die. Every important place they’ve been, every tree climbed, pet owned, and virtually every close friend they’ve made are gone with the closing of the airplane door. […] TCKs don’t lose one thing at a time; they lose everything at once. And there’s no funeral. In fact, there’s no time or space to grieve, because tomorrow they’ll be arriving at Grandma’s house to see relatives who are eagerly awaiting their return."

 Please hold Darnell, Christina, Cody, Makai, Teyah and Jericho Tyler in your prayers as they already begin this significant transition in their lives. *To read the Barkman’s full blog post please follow this link: http://darnellandchristina.blogspot.com/2018/01/loss-of-their-world.html

Mary Raber (Witness partner with Mennonite Mission Network - Ukraine) continues to teach at Odessa Theological Seminary (Odessa, Ukraine). Mary looks forward to teaching a course on women in church history as well as being one of the resource persons for a pastor’s retreat and their wives from the militarized zone in March.  Please remember Mary in prayer for these upcoming teaching opportunities.             



Bock Ki Kim & Sook Kyoung Park (Witness workers – South Korea) are thankful to their Mennonite Church Canada family having prayed for the recent Anabaptist Peace Exchange gathering. This gathering was part of an intentional exchange between Anabaptists from Israel and South Korea and involved a very full two week schedule. Bock Ki reports that “many things were learned from each other” over the two weeks together. Participants look forward to the second half of the Peace Exchange planned already for next month. The hoped for outcome of these exchanges, indicated Bock Ki, is that “God would bring about more peaceable fruits in both countries in the future.” 

Mennonite Church Canada, in partnership with Mennonite Mission Network and Africa Inter Mennonite Mission, provide financial support to the Benin Bible Institute for church leadership training and capacity building (Agro-pastoral project). The partnership with Benin Bible Institute (BBI) is fostered by the ongoing and long term commitment of St. Jacobs Mennonite Church through the engagement of the BBI Networking Group (SJMC, Poole MC and Wanner MC). We give thanks for the many students from various denominations who receive sound biblical training at BBI.