Points of Prayer June 6, 2018

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Points of Prayer
  • Pray for the women attending the retreat June 8-10. May this be a time and place for bonding across churches and cultures. May the women be challenged by Rachel Miller Jacob's message on Ordinary Forgiveness. 

  • We invite prayers of peace and God’s grace for Lillian, Norm, Nadine and Kenneth as they transition to Canada after 20 years of ministry in Burkina Faso. They arrived safely in Grand Prairie on May 31st. 

  • Please pray for NAIITS conference that hearts are open to learn from the wide diversity of peoples who will be offering their gifts; that we would share our gift too; and that we would come home ready to pass on what we have received to our congregations.

  • Witness workers, Hippolyto and Miriam, invite prayer “for the Grace Community Church so that the Lord may keep her faithful in unity as she is still struggling to build herself as a Pentecostal Peace Church and a strong member of Mennonite World Conference in South Africa.”

  • We invite all congregations and members of Mennonite Church Canada to join with us in prayer as we seek an EXECUTIVE MINISTER. We invite applications and nominations for an individual who will work cooperatively with the Executive Staff Group to nurture, represent and inspire a unified vision of MC Canada

Prayer for Witness May 30, 2018

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  • We invite prayers of peace and God’s grace for Lillian, Norm, Nadine and Kenneth as they transition to Canada after 20 years of ministry in Burkina Faso.

  • Please uphold George and Tobia Veith in prayer, as they have come through a very busy period of activity. Pray for continued strength and perseverance as well as relational connections to be made.

  • We give thanks to God for the many connections being made by the Barkman and Poovong families as well as those by Mike & Cheryl Nimz and Bock Ki Kim who have all been actively nurturing a global identity of the church during their Canadian Ministry this spring. These international workers are especially appreciative of this opportunity to challenge, encourage and be inspired by each of these wonderful congregational connections.

  • We invite all congregations and members of Mennonite Church Canada to join with us in prayer as we seek an EXECUTIVE MINISTER. We invite applications and nominations for an individual who will work cooperatively with the Executive Staff Group to nurture, represent and inspire a unified vision of MC Canada

  • Praise: We give praise to God for the Spirit’s “birthing” of a new faith community in the city of Seoul; for the over 1,100 church planting centres active now in Ethiopia and for the already 33 Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Communities that have been established throughout the Philippines.

Witness Worker update May 9, 2018

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Witness Workers: 

Since last October’s Mennonite Church Canada Assembly, more than 12 new congregations have contacted the Winnipeg office requesting information on how to develop an international Witness relationship! We give thanks for these interested congregations and for the many others who might be considering developing a more global connection through our Witness workers. If your congregation is interested in learning more about a Witness partnership and developing that international connection, please contact your Regional Church office.

Greg Rabus & Jennifer Otto

Busy wrapping up activities and preparing for their transition to life in Canada, moving to Lethbridge, Alberta, Greg Rabus & Jennifer Otto expressed recently great appreciation for the care and support of Lethbridge Mennonite Church. Members from the congregation have already contacted Greg and Jennifer with offers to help. One couple in particular, Kevin & Noreen Neufeld actually came to visit the Otto/Rabus family in Ludwigshafen while traveling in Germany to visit their son and partner, “which was really nice” said Greg. We give thanks for the wonderful care demonstrated by members of Lethbridge Mennonite Church towards the Otto/Rabus family as they make the significant transition this summer from Germany to Canada.

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Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung

While in Canada for his itineration ministry, Bock Ki Kim shares the following prayer requests:

1) Prayer for his safe itinerary travel in each city and to develop good relationships with people.

2) For Sook Kyoung (his wife) as she provides good care for children in her classes. Sook Kyoung is also having a good time with Daniel (their son) while he visits South Korea until end of August.

3) Mennonite Church South Korea: That the church planting ministry in Seoul can grow well as they rely on God while Bock Ki is away from the group during his itinerary trip. MC South Korea members will participate in a peace protest in Seoul particularly for the petition for CO (Conscientious Objectors) on May 12 (Sat) 2:00 pm. They will gather at the gate of the Korean constitution building with bike riding and marching to the Congress or parliament building because the petition was instituted in the constitution building and will pass by Congress building. This is an annual protest that the Korea Anabaptist Center and MC South Korea participate in. Please pray for this event


Tom & Christine Poovong’s prayer request is that the Lord will continue to use them to be a blessing to: their home church, their partner churches, to the wider Mennonite church to their families and friends. As we're doing the Lord's work in His field and teach other people about our Anabaptist/Mennonite faith, we pray that many people will become Jesus’ disciples living and walking with him every day. Our prayer is that for the next three years we will have one thousand disciples in Thailand and Laos. Tom relates the following story: “Just a few weeks ago I was at the photo shop to take my passport photo the owner asked me where I am going. When I told her I am a Mennonite Christian she was surprised and told me that she never knew any Asian Mennonites. So I had a chance to tell her my great story about our Anabaptist/Mennonite history including my own - how I became a Mennonite Christian. I believed we need to tell people more about our Mennonite faith including Asian Mennonite.” Thank you Tom and Christine for reminding us that we all have a great story to tell!

Alberta Speaking Schedules

Tom & Christine Poovong's (Joseph): 
May 13 – Trinity Mennonite Church  
more info here

Anchor Mike & Cheryl Nimz:
June 24 – Alberta congregation (your church) 
July 8 – Lendrum MB Church 
more info here

AnchorThe Barkman family's (Christina, Darnell, Cody, Makai, Teyah and Jericho) 
May 27 @ Edmonton First Mennonite 
June 3 @ Foothills Mennonite
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MC Colombia

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A couple from IMCOL (Mennonite Church Colombia) feel called to serve God in Benin. Through a joint partnership between IMCOL and Mennonite Mission Network (MMN), Felipe Preciado and Diana Cruz hope to be a blessing to the children with whom they will work in Benin. What an encouragement to hear of the Mennonite Church of Colombia commissioning workers to serve outside of South America! Diana and Felipe are preparing to work at La Casa Grande children’s village in Benin, a ministry of the Burgos Anabaptist community in Spain. Pray for them as they transition from their life in Colombia and participate in orientation in the United States and Spain. Many of these initiatives are being supported through funding from Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Mission Network.

Mennonite community Peru

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Christian Mennonite Community (IQUITOS) Peru: The community is looking to buy a van motorcycle to continue transporting children. They are also looking for 2 or 3 motorcars, which will serve two purposes: 1. to generate employment for families in the community, 2. to generate income, walking towards self sustainability. They desire to continue being a church with a missionary vision. In September of 2018, a group will travel to Santa Cruz Bolivia to support a missionary event organized by Youth with A Mission (YWAM).

MC Venezuela

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Mennonite Church of Venezuela: During worship services members cry out to the Lord to descend and have mercy on Venezuela, to free and save the sisters and brothers who are in great distress because of the political and economic situation in the country. They ask us, their North American Mennonite brothers and sister to pray for them. Please remember the Mennonite Church of Venezuela in prayer.

Witness workers arriving in Canada

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Witness workers arriving in Canada: 

If your congregation would be interested in having a Witness worker share stories with you, please contact Tim Wiebe-Neufeld. What a wonderful opportunity to be connected to the global church and to our Anabaptist brothers and sisters abroad! 

Bock Ki Kim arrived safe and sound in Vancouver April 6th. Bock Ki is in Canada for the next two months to share inspirational stories with supporting congregations, reconnect with his adult children and increase relational funding opportunities. Pray for Bock Ki to make significant connections during this Canadian visit, with those congregations already connected to the ministry in South Korea and with new faith communities. Pray also for Bock Ki’s wife, Sook Kyoung, who has remained at home in South Korea continuing her after-school English tutoring ministry.    

AnchorTom & Christine Poovong
 (and their son Joseph) arrived in Calgary April 13. The Poovongs will began their Canadian Ministry in Alberta, traveling to Saskatchewan, then to Manitoba and conclude in Ontario. All the while, Tom and Christine will spend time with family, share their vision for Thailand and invite churches and interested individuals to join in partnership. The Poovongs are disappointed however that their niece Phimchanok will not be coming with them to Canada. Phimchanok is like a daughter to Tom and Christine, and a sister to Joseph. Phimchanok was denied a visa to Canada. And so she will remain in Thailand. Please pray for Tom, Christine and Joseph as they travel for 2 months without her. Pray also that Phimchanok will be brave without her family close by.  

Tom & Christine’s Alberta speaking schedule: 
May 6 – Bergthal Mennonite Church (Didsbury) 
May 13 – Trinity Mennonite Church (Calgary)  

AnchorThis Friday, April 27th Mike and Cheryl Nimz will arrive at Pearson International Airport to begin two and a half months of Canadian Ministry. Please pray for good health, continued strength and many opportunities for Mike & Cheryl to share their stories and experiences of serving with the Anabaptist Network in the UK. Please contact your Regional Church office to know their speaking schedule and when they will be in your area.

Mike & Cheryl’s Alberta speaking schedule:
June 24 – Alberta congregation (your church) 
July 8 – Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church (Edmonton) 

AnchorThis Friday, the Barkman family (Christina, Darnell, Cody, Makai, Teyah and Jericho) will be returning to Canada after completing 6 years of living and serving in Manila as Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers. Hear the Barkman’s interesting perspective on how a very familiar mode of transportation in the Philippines - the “Jeepney” relates to the Christian journey of a faith community. Read the full story at: Please keep the Barkman family in prayer as they transition back to North America; pray also for Peace Church Philippines as they too live with this significant change in their faith community.
The Barkman's 
May 27 @ First Mennonite (Edmonton)
June 3 @ Foothills Mennonite

Tom and Christine Poovong

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Tom and Christine Poovong (Witness workers – Thailand) would covet your prayers as they apply for visas for their upcoming Canadian Ministry itineration this spring. Pray especially that they might find favour among the Thai government authorities to bring with them Christine’s niece Phimchanok who has been living with the family since she was 2 years old. Phimchanok is now a sweet 7 year old girl who is really considered a daughter to Tom and Christine and as a sister to younger brother Joseph. Please pray for a smooth visa process.

Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park

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Please pray for Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park (Witness workers – South Korea) who have both gone through a very difficult period recently. Sook Kyoung’s father at age 89 has been suffering from acute back pain. After an MRI the doctor recommended surgery, but also warned of the high risk given her father’s age. The family decided on surgery after much deliberation and prayer. Sook Kyoung’s father thankfully made it through surgery and is now recovering.

Bock Ki was able to visit with his father-in-law in Jeju Island and then participate as one of the keynote speakers at the Good Church Academy also in Jeju. Bock Ki reports that he was “glad that there were many questions about Anabaptism, Mennonite peace position, and practical ways of peacemaking.” Upon returning home from his very positive speaking engagement, Bock Ki was shocked to hear of the sudden passing of his sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) from a stroke. At 57 years of age, she leaves behind two children and six grandchildren.

Please remember Bock Ki and Sook Kyoung in prayer as they continue to be a support to Sook Kyoung’s father recovering from surgery, and as they grieve the loss of Bock Ki’s sister-in-law.

Dann & Joji Pantoja

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Dann & Joji Pantoja (Witness worker – Philippines) is already in Canada to begin her Canadian Itineration of sharing faith stories with supporting congregations in British Columbia, Manitoba and in Ontario. Joji is traveling alone on this occasion, as Dann her husband and ministry partner is remaining in Mindanao due to the ongoing conflict in the region. Joji is looking forward to re-connecting with her 5 granddaughters and their families, and thanking congregations for their support in the peace building work that she
Dann have been involved in since 2006. Please remember Joji (and Dann) in prayer as the stories of God’s shalom are shared in congregations and our Mennonite Church Canada family is inspired to join in partnership. She will be visiting congregations in BC, Manitoba, and Ontario.

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