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North Edmonton Ministries

Donna Entz

Donna Entz relates to immigrants and refugees in Edmonton with Mennonite Church Alberta. The ministry's vision is to share the whole gospel with people in North Edmonton with the hope of starting a community of faith who are passionate about social justice and about following Jesus. The goals of the ministry are to:
  • accept and reciprocate hospitality
  • connect people with each other and services
  • be present in the Muslim community
  • be a cultural bridge
  • engage people about Jesus and the Bible

MCC Alberta and Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission are partners in this ministry and, together with individual supporters, form North Edmonton Ministry's support base. We are looking for individuals to join the Support Team, which is a group of people who make an ongoing commitment to uphold the ministry in prayer, through personal involvement, and with financial support. You are invited to:

If you would like to join the Support Team, contact Donna.